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Harry Farmer-Hill founded Bespoke Connected, his mission is to bring businesses highly supported, bespoke solutions.
Investing the first year into finding the best partners to work with meant that, on release, we could build your solution straight away. It was pivotal to the operation of our mission that we had the right partners in place from day 1.
Our solutions range from; hosted phone systems, broadband, mobiles, as well as leased lines.
We are consistently evaluating our solutions to make sure we have the most effective and efficient products to build for our clients. We have made sure that we cover the three main communication paths for a business; Voice, Data and Mobile.
We know businesses like the option for their communications to be with one provider. Which is why that’s possible when partnering with Bespoke Connected.

Your businesses main communication channels…

Harry Farmer-Hill

Harry Farmer-Hill

Managing Director


“I founded Bespoke Connected in 2018.

My mission is to provide the end user a solution that is built specific for their needs. Working in this industry, I saw time and time again, companies blanket sell a product that financially gains their business, but completely ignores the user’s requirements.

On top of customers not getting a solution suited to them, the customer service provided is below par to non-existent. This didn’t sit well with me, when most telecoms providers market themselves as being number one in the UK for customer service, and just did not deliver on their promises.

The value system Bespoke Connected is built on is simple;

  • Provide the best quality product your company needs.
  • Provide the best customer service and support.

These are our core principles here at Bespoke Connected. I plan on delivering these to every one of my clients, I have always wanted to run my own business because I feel I deliver the best value in my chosen industry.”

Technical Partners


If you would like to talk to us about a new phone system, or moving to hosted VoIP, our team of experts are available to discuss the best solution for your needs and budget.