Leave it to us, we offer total account management for your business mobile phones and tariffs.

One single bill across networks including EE, Vodafone and O2.

The mobile market consists of four mobile network operators who share the bulk of the market. Mobile Operator market share (2018):

mobile network share

Account Management

Bespoke Connected mobile phone account managers are committed to finding most cost-effective mobile contracts for your company. We regularly review your call & data usage, device by device, with a single objective of saving you money.

Single Point of Contact

By providing a single point of contact for all mobile queries your employees remain connected; from lost and damage to additional handsets and upgrades. We are always available make sure you have everything you need.

Business Mobiles Account Manager

Why have a business mobile account manager?

We understand running a business is time consuming and stressful. Any opportunity to save time and money is helpful. Our business mobile account managers spend the time monitoring your account and comparing deals. If savings can be made, we will make recommendations, and deal directly with the suppliers on your behalf, so you can get on with running your business.

The best options will depend on how much you use your phones for calls, texts and data, UK only or roaming. With an overwhelming number of options available, choosing the best deal from any network to best suit each individual user can save you thousands.

Once you have chosen your initial plans, we will keep you informed of any new network offers or tariff changes via regular tariff reviews. We are not affiliated with any individual network, you can be sure that you will receive honest, and completely independent advice.

Types of Mobile Contracts

New phone with contract

This type of contract is the most popular with personal users where you can upgrade to the latest device every 2 years. You pay for the handset and specified number of minutes, texts and data over a 24-month contract. At the end of the 2 years you own and keep the mobile phone.

TIP Often businesses continue to pay the same monthly charge, even after the initial contract period has expired, despite the fact that they will have paid for the handset element. If you’re happy to keep the same handset(s) then it is worth considering moving to a SIM-only deal.

Pay monthly SIM-only

A SIM-only deal is a contract to supply calls, text and data only. You will need to use a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet that you already own or about to purchase. Pay Monthly SIM’s benefit from the same calling, text, and data bundles as regular mobile phone contracts. You are however committed to the contract for a minimum 12 months.

Pay as you Use (PAYU)

If you need some spare handsets that go for long periods without being used, PAYU is the perfect solution. Call and text messages are charged only if you use it. You can add basic handsets for a very low monthly fee over a very short term, so no need to have expensive iPhones sitting unused in draws.

Business Sharer Plans

A very effective and flexible way to manage your mobile accounts, and keep your workforce connected. Business sharer plans offer full control over the total number of minutes, texts and data which are then shared across multiple devices. Phones and tables can be added to the account at any time and you can increase or decrease your usage allowances.

Pile of mobile phones

Technical Partners


Most pay monthly contracts include free minutes, reset at the start of each month. These include calls to landlines, other mobile network and free phone numbers. International and premium rate calls are charged on top of your contract cost.


Unlimited free texts come as standard nowadays, but photo messages and premium rate (competitions or charity donations) will cost extra. If you need to send photos via your mobile connection, we recommend using services like whatsapp.


Data allowance feels like a minefield to most business users. While the cost of data continues to decrease, the increase in apps that use your data is ever increasing. This makes it much harder to work out what will be enough, and what will be far too much.

How much mobile data do you need?


For staff that spend the majority of their time at the office or working from home. 5GB of mobile data will be sufficient for times when they are needed elsewhere. Mostly these users will be connected to WiFi, therefore 5GB will be more than enough for emails, VoIP calls, instant messaging and other internet services.


For staff that are rarely in the office, 10GB of mobile data will be required. Whilst VoIP calling and emails use very little data, other business activity like file sharing, photos, PDF’s and presentations may consume near to 10GB every month. Public WiFi is available but not advised for business use.


If you spend most of your time away from the office and you’re a dependent on your data connection. 20GB of mobile data will allow you to efficiently run your business, on the move, especially if you need to tether your laptop to your private WiFi connection.

0 +

If you don’t want to worry about your data usage our Unlimited tariff is built for you. Unlimited GB of mobile data will allow you to efficiently run your business, on the move, especially if you need to tether multiple devices, download or stream documents and files.

How about roaming?

The EU ‘roam like at home’ rule means you can use your mobile phone while travelling in any other EU country without paying extra roaming charges. This is intended for occasional travellers, where you spend more time at home than abroad. This Is subject to fair use policy to avoid abuse. Your limits still apply as if you were home, so checking you have enough data and minutes before you travel is advised.

For trips further afield, you can add an international bolt on. This allows you to use your calls, texts and data plan anywhere in the world for a flat daily fee, giving you peace of mind and predictable spend whilst you are away.

Mobile device insurance

Mobile Phone Insurance

Accidents, especially with mobile phones, happen all the time. We offer several mobile insurance products to protect your devices should the worse happen. If you break your company mobile phone and it cannot be repaired, we will replace it with a new one the next working day.

If possible, we will get you back up and running sooner as we carry a number of spare handsets at Bespoke Connected.


If you would like to talk to us about a your business mobile phones, our team of experts are available to discuss the best network deals and tariffs available to save you money.

Bespoke Connected have provided us with a new phone system that allows us to connect with our customers anywhere whilst integrating with our CRM too. It was important to our business to have a feature rich system that we have access to out of the office, Bespoke Connected made this happen all while keeping the costs down. We couldn't be happier!
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Varun Shander
Hatton Financial Services
All of our needs were exceeded when Bespoke Connected became our complete communications provider looking after our Phone system, company mobiles and also our Leased Line. They constantly go above and beyond for their clients, we cannot recommend them enough.
Charlotte Hill
Compassion Social Care
Having struggled with our phone system for a while in terms of reliability and feature ability, we were approached by Bespoke Connected and went through the process of a demo to see how the system would work for us. Moving to Bespoke Connected was one of the best decisions we have made, and will be moving our other services over as soon as we can.
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Frequently asked questions

Yes you can. You may need to obtain a PAC code from your existing supplier to facilitate a transfer.

We deal with all the major manufacturers and so we can provide the very latest in smartphone technology with more than 50 models available including Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, and LG.

Fair use policy protects networks from excessive or fraudulent use. If you send 1000+ texts every day or spend 18 hours per day talking on the phone, this may get flagged as unfair. If you’re unable to provide a reasonable explanation of the excessive use, you may get charged a surcharge.

Yes, working with all the UK’s major networks means we can provide packages on multiple networks all whilst keeping it on one simple bill.

We can supply most tablets available in the market currently along with a wide range of data-only tariffs on all networks, as with mobiles, we can split this cost over a 24-month contract.

Accidental damage can be covered within your insurance plan and is dependant on your premium, however Bespoke Connected offers an iPhone LCD replacement service should you need a quick, high quality replacement.

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