Deciding on a business telecoms provider doesn’t just mean securing high level service for the lowest price

You can relax knowing that, should the unthinkable happen, and you have a telephone system disruption, we are there for you.
Bespoke Connected appreciate the effect downtime of your system can have. We completely understand that communications are a dominant part of your business operations.
When we install your Bespoke solution, we will sit down with you to decide on the best support plan for you. We pride ourselves on the support and maintenance we provide which is second to none. Our highly trained team, committed to providing you the assurance that we are there when you need us.
As standard we build in a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan. The DR plan is specific to your business and your operations. Building this is to every customer we work with is important to us, businesses shouldn’t have to pay to have standard support that is automated.
We are the home of reliable business continuity.

Why Invest In Support?

No call out fees

Call out fees can be be up to £500 a day depending on your provider. Should you have a problem with your service, the last thing you need, is an invoice to follow.

Hardware replacement

Sometimes hardware may need to be replaced. Maybe a cup of tea has been spilt, with a support plan your hardware is covered in the event of an accident.

Unlimited support

With the right support package, you can have unlimited support. If you need help or have a technical issue, there is no need to worry about how much time it may take.

Quick remote fixes

With our hosted and VoIP system, we have the ability to log in remotely and diagnose any issues. Most problem can also be resolved remotely.

Our Support Plans


£ 0 00
  • 24hrs Response (Low Impact SLA)
  • 8hrs Response (High Impact SLA)
  • 2hrs Remote Support


£ 2 50
per user
per month
  • 16hrs Response (Low Impact SLA)
  • 4hrs Response (High Impact SLA)
  • 5hrs Remote Support
  • 1 Engineer Support (Call Outs/Annum)​
  • 2hrs Out Of Hours Support


£ 4 90
per user
per month
  • 8hrs Response (Low Impact SLA)
  • 2hrs Response (High Impact SLA)
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • 4 Engineer Support (Call Outs/Annum)​
  • 2hrs Out Of Hours Support
  • Unlimited Out Of Hours (High Impact)

Our support packages were designed specifically to enhance our Hosted VoIP Solutions. Click below to learn more about how we Bespoke each solution to you, or talk to us now!