VoIP Phone Systems

Powerful hosted VoIP phone systems provides total mobility, collaboration and reliability. 

VoIP communications are now the go to for business telephone systems. With access to an extensive set of calling features as well as integrated apps. Hosted VoIP is simple and scalable providing exceptional call quality wherever you go.

Being able to connect and collaborate is essential to increase  business efficiency. Switching to Hosted VoIP provides many more benefits and cost saving. 

All you need are some IP Phones and an internet connection; We do the rest.

Forecasted corporate VoIP subscribers in 2020.

Flexible working

There are so many reasons why switching to VoIP makes a lot of sense. Businesses want to provide increasing flexibility to their workers, in terms of hours and location. VoIP is able to support the new working environment and scale quickly as business grows.

Core functions

Core functionality includes mobile twinning, hunt groups and group pickup, call transfer, messaging on hold and voicemail.


Hosted VoIP brings an increasing number of ways to collaborate. Screen Sharing, Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging and whiteboard sessions speeds up day-to-day business functions. Colleagues work together though a single pane regardless of device or location.

Call Centre

Our hosted VoIP solution provides call centre functions including ACD (automatic call distribution) and Wallboards with real-time call statistics. With inbound calls to specific agents your callers get through to the team they need to speak to.


You are in full control via your Management Portal. Set up hunt groups, add users and monitor activity across the business. The management portal can be accessed from anywhere to make changes quickly. Users can also login to manage contacts, view call history, set availability and listen to call recordings.


24/7 call protection, monitoring of call patterns and particular focus on premium rate calls all designed to keep you safe. If abnormal activity is detected, all outbound calls will be blocked.

eve Mobile VoIP app

Mobile App

With our mobile app you can make and receive calls as if you were sat at your desk. Your number goes with you, wherever you go.

Access your contacts and see who is available, send instant messages, keep up-to-date with MiTeam activity including file sharing and to-do lists. You can also manage your settings including current and future availability, where your call rings without the need to login to your portal.

Online Portal

My Portal is available to all users, to manage settings, update contacts, review call history and listen to recordings. Collaborate through MiTeam™ connected users can communicate though chat, tasks and file sharing. My Portal is a smart and easy to navigate interface that removes the complication of different users using different systems or software.

Managers of the system can control how calls are routed, setup hunt groups and manage all users and numbers. Manages also have full visibility of all calls, messages and call recording thus being able to monitor and report on day-to-day business activities.

To find out more visit the eve website (opens in a new tab)

eve Hosted VoIP Management Portal

Connected Devices

IP Desk Phones

IP desk phones

Cordless DECT IP Phones

HD Conference Phones

Video Conferencing Systems

HD Headsets with USB adaptors

We provide enterprise features to any size of business though cloud connected devices.

Handsets vary from simply making and receiving calls, to touchscreen phones with built in video calling. For team members that are mostly away from their desk, we can connect DECT and WIFI phones.

Meetings are more productive with voice conferencing devices where HD call quality is valued above all. With remote workers dialling into meetings from around the globe, conference phones allow communication to remain clear and consistent.

We are always testing the latest devices to make the best recommendations to you.

Technical Partners

10 key benefits of Hosted VoIP

Low setup cost. You don’t even need a handset; we can connect your business number to your mobile app for true mobility

Full technical support. Managed and supported in the cloud, a hosted system will not put additional strain on your IT staff

Future proof. New features are rolled out automatically to everyone. Some premium features may come at an additional charge.

Scalable. Add and remove users, as and when you need to. With virtually no limits.

Collaboration tools. To directly link your workforce unified collaboration is built in. With new features being added all the time.

Moves with you. You can keep your existing numbers, or add more as you need. Because cloud systems have no physical location, there is no restriction on numbers, from Scotland to Cornwall.

Every call recorded. VoIP makes call recording, storing and retrieving very easy. Record every inbound and outgoing call automatically. You can choose to switch off this feature for specific users.

True mobility. A mobile phone client twinned with your desk phone means you’re no longer tied to your desk.

Full control. A Web Portal provides you with full control at any time, from anywhere.

24/7 call security. Against pre-defined thresholds, 24/7 call monitoring will detect any unusual activity and block calling.


If you would like to talk to us about a new phone system, or moving to hosted VoIP, our team of experts are available to discuss the best solution for your needs and budget.

Having struggled with our phone system for a while in terms of reliability and feature ability, we were approached by Bespoke Connected and went through the process of a demo to see how the system would work for us. Moving to Bespoke Connected was one of the best decisions we have made, and will be moving our other services over as soon as we can.
Nicholas Taliadoros
Six Point Media
Bespoke Connected have provided us with a new phone system that allows us to connect with our customers anywhere whilst integrating with our CRM too. It was important to our business to have a feature rich system that we have access to out of the office, Bespoke Connected made this happen all while keeping the costs down. We couldn't be happier!
Hatton Financial Services Logo
Varun Shander
Hatton Financial Services
All of our needs were exceeded when Bespoke Connected became our complete communications provider looking after our Phone system, company mobiles and also our Leased Line. They constantly go above and beyond for their clients, we cannot recommend them enough.
Charlotte Hill
Compassion Social Care

Frequently asked questions

It’s up to you, the Bespoke VoIP system is tested and proved to work with all major ISP’s. You can alternatively migrate your broadband over to Bespoke Connected to keep your services managed in one place.

Yes, you can port any UK registered phone number to Bespoke Connected along with any DDI’s needed to be kept.

Yes, Bespoke Connected can provide any UK area code as well as Non-Geographic numbers.

Yes, one of the many benefits of VoIP is that you are not tied to a geographical location and can make you business appear to be located anywhere you desire. Meaning you could be based in Manchester but use a London number.

No problem! VoIP is plug and play meaning you can just pick up your phones and take them with you, when you plug them in at the other end they will be exactly as they were.

Even though Bespoke Connected like to provide an install your phone system, the handsets can be delivered pre-configured. This means that you can just plug them in and start using them straight away, this process can be completed as quickly as 24 hours if you require handsets. If you require just soft phones, we can set you up within the hour.

Yes, if it’s IP compatible it will more than likely work with Bespoke Connected. If in doubt please contact us so we can assist.

Please use the speed test below. Speed requirements depend on a number of factors such as number of connected users, concurrent calls and other services consuming your broadband. Once you have the upload and download speeds, please feel free to call us for a full assessment.  

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