Yealink T46S IP Desk Phone Review

The Yealink T46S is one of the newest generations of the desktop hosted telephones that are designed for integrating the communications of a business to daily business processes and tasks.


Bespoke Connected score 4.5 out of 5.

Yealink T46S Wtih Expansion Module EXP40

What Do We Like?

The T46S has an aesthetically pleasing appearance, making itself known as one of the latest generation handsets. It’s a high-end VoIP phone without a hefty price tag, giving any desk the ability to have a professional appearance. The material used is a solid premium feeling plastic and we believe this is a key factor as to why the Yealink T46S should be the go-to for VoIP systems.

What Don't We Like?

Although looking solid and professional, the design being so simple that is borderline bland. This may seem like an extremely small annoyance, but the handset cradle built onto the handset isn’t the most sturdy, a slight knock will have the handset falling off the mount – but the fact that’s all we could complain about should show this handset doesn’t have much wrong with it.

Yealink are known for building simple ‘easy-fitting’ handsets for VoIP/SIP platforms and the T46 absolutely nails it. Available in two different variations – the most common one being made for unified communication software platforms, the other being specifically designed for Skype for Business. Glossy screen area, professionally rounded edges, matte silver trim, the design is simple but effective, the T46 has a design that would fit in a small home office as well as a large corporate sales floor. The complete unit as well as the handset alone have a good weight to them which really enhance the premium feel and build quality. To summarise, it’s a powerful handset that should be used as a starting point when choosing your VoIP system.



4.3” Color LCD
LCD Backlight
HD Voice
Power-Over-Ethernet (POE)
Wall Mounting
Adjustable Foot Stand
USB Port (2.0)
Dual-Port Gigabit Ethernet
Headset Port (RJ-9)
AC 100-240V & DC 5V Input
10 Line Keys
27 Memory Keys (3 Pages Of 9)
Yealink EXP40 Expansion Module Compatible
Yealink Wi-Fi Adapter (WF40) Compatible
G.722 Codec Opus
Linux Operating System
USB Headset Capability

Comparison & Price

Retailing between £125-140 the T46S is packed full of features and quality considering the low-price tag. Due to ease that it fits into most SIP/VoIP platforms as well as offering more than all of the features most SME’s would need. It’s closest rival being the Mitel SIP 6869i, a handset that matches the T46S on feature offerings, however we don’t think it’s quite as ‘premium’ looking, also using a hard-plastic body, it doesn’t have the simple but effective trim the T46S boasts.

With the price of the Mitel 6869i retailing at £180+, it’s unclear what you are gaining from the 30-40% you would be spending. However, Mitel is an established, highly respected manufacturer, having years of experience holding market share in the Analogue/PBX arena before expanding to pioneer SIP/VOIP hardware and software that Yealink it used with.

Final Verdict

We here at Bespoke Connected have opted to use the Yealink T46S as our go-to hardware choice when providing our hosted services, we feel that as an all-round handset for hosted systems, it’s the best value for money whilst keeping any system it connects to operating at its best!

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